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Work package 1

Title: VET teacher-learner needs analysis


- To assess the existing situation in teachers & learners needs in terms of - Maintenance Management for the target groups under consideration
- To specify the objectives of the VET training


Work package 2

Title: Courseware Specification and Design


- To specify the learning objectives and curricula
- To specify and Design the Learning Management System
- To specify and design the Learning Objects


Work package 3

Title: Learning Toolkit


To customise and deliver a Learning Management System for Maintenance Management Training for the specified target groups
To develop an appropriate Competence Assessment Model for the specified target groups
To implement a Competence Assessment Tool based on the Model


Work package 4

Title: Learning Glossary and Content Development


To Derive a Maintenance Related Glossary for Training
To produce Glossary-Integrated Content, Curricula and Learning Objects, supporting solution-based learning.


Work package 5

Title: Pilot Training, Dissemination & Exploitation


The WP mainly consists of 2 activities (Pilot & Valorisation activities).

Aims of Pilot Testing activities:

  1. To pilot test project results with the active participation of all learner groups (kick of transfer of innovation event)
  2. To pilot test courseware specification adopted (learning curricula, learning profiles, content, competence assessment tools, etc)
  3. To pilot test the facilities (usability, easiness, learning paths followed, etc) of the Learning Management System used.
  4. To asses all the piloting activities with a follow up questionnaire to all participants in pilot actions.

Aims of Valorisation activities:

  1. To attract / record other relevant organisations who are interested to disseminate / implement the training material
  2. To ensure long-term usability of the results through the partners’ memberships in trans-national networks
  3. To facilitate transferability of the results / know-how to other stakeholders from other countries
  4. To explore the interest of the target market (businesses, relevant university departments and business schools, for a possible commercialisation of the iLearn2Main products)
  5. To explore the interest of suitable organisations to be included in the iLearn2Main network so as to facilitate continuation of the network even after the project’s completion.


Work package 6

Title: Quality and Project Management


  1. To ensure effective collaboration between the members of the partnership,
  2. To promote communication and organisation among the partners involved so as
  3. To complete the project within the required time frame,
  4. To solve any problems that may come up during the project’s completion,
  5. To organise and carry out a structured, efficient and effective completion of the tasks,
  6. To ensure that the Training Package is of the best quality possible, and with the innovation characteristics proposed
  7. To meet the project’s objectives set within the Leonardo programme objectives.