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UTEK is the Swedish Maintenance Society, established 1969 and recently celebrated its 40 year of service. It owns a service company UTEK AB.  UTEK, as a non–profit organisation, is working with exchange knowledge and experiences as well as developing in the areas of availability performance, maintenance and preserving of capital investments in assets (in production and facilities).

UTEK was one of the Associations which, 30 years ago, started the European maintenance organisation EFNMS and has, since the beginning, been very active in different international projects. The experience of the persons in UTEK working with the Leonardo project is not only from the associations work but also large projects within industry, technical education and governmental projects including hundreds of specialists and millions of euro. Within EFNMS, UTEK has a key role in the certification of Maintenance Competences in Europe.

In iLearn2Main UTEK has a leading role in defining the Vocational Education & Training requirement for Maintenance Management, as well for building the model for Maintenance Management Competence Assessment. UTEK is also involved in training content development, dissemination/valoration & quality evaluation of project results.




Address: Bo Bergmans gata 11, Box 10231, S 100 5, Stockholm, Sweden

Contact: Mr. Jan Franlund, Chairman

telephone +468 664 09 25

fax +448 664 09 26

E-mail: utek (at)