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Latvia Technology Park (LTP) was founded in 1996. There are 11 founders in LTP including Riga Technical University, University of Latvia, Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Latvia, Riga City Council, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Latvia. Main directions of LTP activity are – a) raising of awareness in Latvia and in other countries about the existing intellectual potential and research-dependent products; b) providing start-up support to small innovative production firms, from a sample stage of a ready new research-dependent product to the practical implementation stage of the new technologies, creation of a specific business plan for commercial activity and the legal foundation of a small business; c) training of new specialists and students and their involvement in innovative activity; d) seeking of co-operation partners and investors in Latvia and other countries; e) organisation of informative and/or learning seminars and conferences.
The LTP regularly summarises and publishes the informative materials „High Tech in Latvia – a summary of information about the most topical and novel research-dependent developments in Latvia.
LTP has participated in more than 15 European projects, 5 transnational projects and 20 local projects. The experience and field of activities of LTP will ensure the successful and targeted piloting of the iLearn2Main training tools and content in Latvia, where LTP has a significant ‘cascading’ effect in the transfer of the project results, as well as in quality evaluation.



Latvia Technology Park

Address: Azeres street 16/20 - 136, LV1048, Riga, Latvia

Contact Person: Ms. Laila Elina

telephone +371 67089137

fax +371 67089389

E-mail: laila.elina (at)