3.5 Determination of human & material resources


The aim of the course is to familiarize the reader with the main issues concerning the area of maintenance human and material sourcing. A summary of the procedures that should be followed by a Maintenance Manager in order to establish a human and material resource system in maintenance is presented. The procedures, models, and techniques presented in this course for planning, designing, organizing, and controlling maintenance sourcing systems can be adapted by all organizations that perform a maintenance operation.

Learning Outcome

Maintenance managers and engineers have to take many decisions and face many problems during the planning, designing, organizing, scheduling and controlling procedures of a maintenance sourcing system. The reader, after successfully completing this course, will know about:

  • The procedures of maintenance (human and material) sourcing.
  • The techniques/models that can be used in every area of the maintenance sourcing procedures.
  • Theory and methodology about sourcing strategies.
  • A framework for implementing sourcing strategies.

Prerequisites / Related Topics:

1.2 Preventive and inspection activities
1.4 Goal, strategies, results
2.4 Measurements
3.1 Maintenance concepts (Dependability / Availability Performance)

Related Topics:
1.5 Work execution
2.5 Computerized Maintenance Management Systems


Resourcing strategies, Maintenance planning, Resource control, Outsourcing