2.3 Condition Monitoring


In a modern organisation or enterprise, engineering assets condition needs to be assessed throughout their life cycle, in order to meet quality, health & safety and performance targets and constraints. Condition monitoring systems offer the key to the implementation of a condition-based maintenance strategy, wherein maintenance decisions are taken and scheduled on the basis of the real condition of engineering assets. The objective of this module is to provide and outline of cover basic condition monitoring concepts techniques, while offering also practical implementation guidelines.

Learning Outcome

After successfully completing this module you will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of condition monitoring systems.
  • Appreciate the need for implementing condition monitoring.
  • Have a basic understanding of the available condition monitoring techniques.
  • Make an initial selection of condition monitoring techniques for different engineering assets.

Prerequisites or Related Modules

Define which other modules need to be completed before taking this module or define which other modules are related to this.